Acoustic Wedding Ceremony Music

Would you like something personal and meaningful to you and your spouse to be?We tailor your ceremony music to your style and taste, with optional vocalists provided.Background music that sets the tone and ambience of your event. A choice of song to set the special moment as the bride makes her entrance.For religious wedding ceremonies we can lead your choice of hymns, as we are experienced church musicians.Your choice of songs for signing the registerYour choice of music, as your take your first walk as a married couple

Afternoon Entertainment

Traditionally called the Pre-drinks reception, this segment of music is designed to create an atmosphere that makes your guests feel spoiled and catered for. The musical style is entirely up to you, either fully instrumental guitars, or with optional vocalists.

Evening Entertainment

For venues that suit a more intimate acoustic band, or for couples who just prefer that type of music. Acoustic music can be upbeat and fun, heres a review from a previous wedding:

“They played a mixed set of modern hits, pop cheese, and some oldies, all with their own unique styling and arrangements. They kept all of us, young and old on the dance floor”

For evening entertainment, we will include singers, guitarists and percussion.