From stag do’s in Prague to paying £100,000 to stop it raining on your big day, we consider how the act of getting married became divorced from reality.

Getting married in Britain this year? Worried about the weather? You should be – it’s guaranteed to be awful, no matter what date you pick.

But wait! What if it doesn’t have to be this way? What if there was some way you could control the weather? Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? And that’s because it is crazy.

But it’s also possible. Because luxury travel company Oliver’s Travels uses a weather modification technique called “cloud seeding” to ensure rain won’t ruin your wedding day.

For just £100,000, a team of meteorologists and pilots will fly a light aircraft above the clouds, sprinkling them with silver particles and causing them to burst and vanish before the big day.

And really, who wouldn’t spend an extra £100,000 on their big day to make it even more special?

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